The Amazing Jiggling Woman

I can’t believe I’m sharing this with anyone … but yesterday while I was driving down a rough patch of the freeway, the skin on my forearms jiggled.  I’m not talking about the “wing jiggle” of the upper arm that makes most of us 50-something gals stop going sleeveless.  I’m talking about that innocent, and so far unremarkable part of my arm between my wrist and my elbow.

My first response was laughter (yep, right out loud by myself in the car) – then horror.

When did I get “old lady skin”?  Was it about the same time as I started seeing little strands of silver hair in the mirror?  Or when I looked at my bill at the restaurant to see that the waitress had given me the Senior’s Discount?  Honestly, I don’t feel old – but the arm-jiggling is a dead give away!

It got me thinking about getting older… and my half-full way of thinking about things made me wonder if there might be any good things in getting older that offset the “jiggly” things?

Here’s my short list of good things about being 50-something:

  • I am more certain than ever of God’s amazing, merciful, unending and unconditional love for me. That puts everything else into proper perspective.
  • Although I’m happy to share what I think, a discussion of ideas is seldom as personal and dramatic as it was in younger times. And I’m far less concerned if people think I’m right!
  • There are few things as sweet as time and laughter with a girlfriend.
  • I love my grandchildren dearly, and am absolutely willing to risk the wrath of their parents in order to spoil them. (Note: this applies generally to other people’s grandchildren, too!)
  • There is little room in my life for drama. I like to get right to the heart of things and then move on.
  • When I look into the eyes of another woman in pain, I want to make sure she knows someone has seen and cares. And mostly that God sees and cares.
  • Next to God, my husband is my absolute love and delight and I hope everyone knows it!

Although this whole thing started with a little forearm jiggle, I’m glad for the chance to think about some of the great things in my life!  Instead of being worried about this new jiggling problem, I think I’ll just keep laughing!

“I will be your God throughout your lifetime- until your hair is white with age.  I made you, and I will care for you.  I will carry you along and save you.” – Isaiah 46:4